the beginning

From the very beginning of time,

The Imperial Spirits, these 3 god-like entities created the dimensions of the universe. Their Green, Red, and Blue Imperial powers are shared with the creations they made. The Imperial Spirits fled far away from their universe for unknown reasons to create a new dimension, DIMENSION X. DX was meant to be the greatest dimension full of life, power, and intelligence.

This time The Imperial Spirits created a god-like being named Sumaz that would hold their power. Sumaz was a wonderful, beautiful, and intelligent being who resembled The Imperial Spirits. Sumaz was created to protect and nurture DX with the Imperial Crystal and its Life water of the life forms of DX. There was a problem that the Imperial Spirits did not foresee, giving a being all their power could corrupt.

Sumaz began to take full control and even strike life he did not see fit. The Imperial Spirits warned Sumaz that he would face consequences if he stayed on this path. Sumaz believed  that he could make a better DX, and started created new life forms. Within time Sumaz changed in nature, and also tainted the Life Water from the Imperial Crystal. This new life stream began to even corrupt old life forms like the humanoids becoming beasts, fairies turning dark, and animals becoming poisonous and aggressive.

hellhound monster

The Life water turned black and was a poison to DX. Without anything else to do The Imperial Spirits had to stop Sumaz. Their power could not destroy him, so the only thing they could do was banish him into the Dark Dimension where he would be locked up in darkness forever. Before Sumaz could be banished, he crashed the Imperial Crystal into DX shattering the Crystal and dividing DX into different zones.

Dimension-X was never the same; it seemed lost and now full of divided zones fighting over the Imperial Crystal shards. Sumaz’s power only grew while he was in The Dark Dimension. There in the darkness he grew immeasurable strength and transformed into his turn form, changing his name to Zamus. Patiently waiting for his moment to return, Zamus was ready for his revenge and to finish what he started.

Will DX ever be the perfect dimension it was meant to be, or will it always be filled with war and monsters? The War to conquer DX has begun.

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