Start your journey with DX Monsters TCG by familiarizing yourself with the setup process and acquainting yourself with the various types of cards. Gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals and regulations that will prepare you for epic battles.

player actions

In DX Monsters, there are no set phases or order that a player must follow on their turn. Rather, players can freely choose to complete any combination of the four available actions - summoning, moving, attacking, or using other cards - in whichever sequence they prefer over the course of their turn. The absence of rigid phases gives players flexibility in how they approach their turns.

how to win

The objective of the game is to Zone your opponent by performing any of the four sequences. Players are protected by three shields that the sequences can eliminate.

additional information

Gain a thorough understanding of the DX Monsters' vocabulary and learn some expert advice that will enhance your skills to become the ultimate Zone Master.

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