card library

The DX Monsters card collection has over 270 cards at this time from the initial launch of Season 1. Take a look at the wide variety of cards that can currently be gathered and see what awaits in the Dimension-X realm.

booster packs

Booster packs come with a combined total of 94 extra cards. Within Dark Beginning, there are 51 fresh cards that are not obtainable in any of the Starter Decks. As for Return of Legends, it is the most recent expansion and includes 43 brand-new cards along with 8 cards taken from the Starter Decks.

Return of Legends
DX monsters tcg booster pack, return of legends.
Dark Beginnings
DX monsters tcg booster pack, dark beginnings.

Promo Cards

Eight different land cards can be collected in Season 1 and they are not found in starter decks or booster packs. Each land card has its own effect and can be used in many strategies.

Promo Cards

starter decks

Each starter deck in the game has distinct gameplay mechanics and tactics. The 40 cards in every pre-constructed deck include cards of varying rarity levels - common, uncommon, rare, and ultra-rare. Right away, the 7 decks can be used for play without modification and players can later modify them by swapping in or out cards they own to customize them.

Zamus Revenge
DX monsters tcg starter deck, zamus revenge.
Spell Masters
DX monsters tcg starter deck, spell masters
The Lost Ones
DX monsters tcg starter deck, the lost ones
Inferno of Destruction
DX monsters tcg starter deck, inferno of destruction
Garden of Truce
DX monsters tcg starter deck, garden of truce
Kingdom of Swords
DX monsters tcg starter deck, kingdom of swords
Machine Gear Power
DX monsters tcg starter deck, machine gear power.

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